BrM Dashboards Continue to Improve!

September 06, 2023

The BrM 6.7 release provided agencies with the ability to create flexible/configurable dashboards by querying the database. The dashboards are already being heavily adopted, some of which will be demonstrated at the BrMUG. There will also be an after-hours training session on the first day to dive further into the setup and improvement of dashboard queries. We have seen examples of dashboards for inspection management, load ratings, work candidates, and optimization results – and the users are just getting started.

The Task Force recently authorized a dashboard enhancement feature that will be made available to users as part of a BrM 6.7.1 patch release. Currently, users must ‘rebuild’ their dashboard queries in each of their environments. This enhancement reduces risk and saves time by enabling the export and import of dashboards from test to production environments. This feature will be ported into the BrM 7.0 version of the software as well.