Discussion Forum

September 03, 2019

As a reminder from the last e-Newsletter, please note that the pavement engineering discussion forum is no longer available for through the AllAnswered website. A new discussion forum location can be found at www.engineering.stackexchange.com. The software maintenance team will be moving the existing Q&A over to the new site. If you have questions, please post them on the new site with the “pavement” tag.

ARA suggests posting any pavement engineering and/or Pavement ME Design questions on the site as it a forum civil engineers interested in pavement design and provides a global community discussion for pavement design.

The AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Product Task Force (PMEDTF) provides broad oversight and direction for the support, maintenance, and enhancement of the software. AASHTOWare tries to maintain a balance of members from across the country to represent the diverse climate and soil conditions. For further information about the Pavement ME Design Product Task Force, please contact Vicki Schofield, Project Manager | vschofield@aashto.org | 202.624.3640.