Looking forward to FY 2022 Enhancements

February 24, 2021

The task force has approved two enhancement activities for FY 2022:

  1. Integrating the results from NCHRP 1-51 on the bonding and interaction between the PCC slab and base layer and
  2. Updating the global calibration for the PCC pavements. No update to the global calibration for PCC pavements has been completed for some time. The task force requested that the PCC pavement be recalibrated with the integration of the product from NCHRP 1-51.

The Pavement ME Design team is planning to have the NCHRP 1-51 integrated and the PCC pavements recalibrated prior to the release of the Web Technology Application version, so stay tuned for updates on this topic. Updates will be included in future e-Newsletters.