Solicitation Update

November 22, 2022

While contributions to the solicitation continue to come in, the work plan for the BrM 7.0 software release is being finalized. AASHTO, the Task Force, and Mayvue recently held a kickoff call for contributing agencies to review the work plan and schedule. Mayvue is working on an early release of BrM 7.0, which will be delivered to contributing agencies as cloud-hosted sites to enable them to begin transitioning to the next version of the software. These hosted sites will be updated frequently until the official 7.0 release is available.

The Task Force will host a series of calls for contributing agencies leading up to the official release. Agencies can use this time to provide input while development is progressing. The software will be delivered to agencies on schedule to ensure there is adequate time to implement, train internal staff, and hit the ground running to meet all NBIS needs.

To those that have already contributed to this important endeavor – We cannot thank you enough! Your contributions have ensured that this software will meet the new requirements as it is rewritten and will take full advantage of the opportunity to create a sustainable product for the next generation. To those who are still working internally to contribute – We know this is a process and thank you as well. If your agency has not contributed, there is still time to do so. Every contribution helps to make the product better. Please reach out to the Task Force, Mayvue, and/or Ryan Fragapane for more information about the benefits and process for contributing.

We are all excited about the result: A new version of the BrM software that meets the new NBIS rules and the ever-growing needs of transportation agencies.