Three Webinars Planned for Fall

September 03, 2019

Three webinars are in the planning stage for October and November. Webinars are typically planned about a month after the annual software release. As there were no major enhancements for Version 2.5.5, the webinars being planned for this year will focus on the new soon-to-be released calibration tool. Mark your calendar for the following tentative dates:

  1. October 8: The focus will be on the calibration database and setting up calibration files.
  2. October 22: The focus will be on the use of the calibration tool in deriving calibration coefficients. By the way, both of October’s webinars will focus on the device’s flexible pavement transfer functions.
  3. November 13: The focus will be on integrating the National Cooperative Highway Research Program or NCHRP 1-52 top-down cracking model into the software.