ForneyVault is a machine-integrated, cloud-based construction materials testing platform. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the entire CMT testing process, reducing the risk of errors, increasing compliance, and driving more positive outcomes for labs and other stakeholders in the process. This application provides value and convenience to entities using both the ForneyVault application and AASHTOWare Project.

ForneyVault is a proprietary software product owned by Forney LP, of Zelienople, Pennsylvania. AASHTO and its licensees have been granted a license to use ForneyVault through an agreement with Forney LP.


Automate Testing Process

Automate the testing environment to eliminate the need for manual specimen identification, testing, and data handoffs, allowing testing engineers to complete tasks faster with minimal human error.

Ensure Data Accuracy

Data flows seamlessly from the machine to the database to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), eliminating potential human error, and providing a clear and accurate record of the data.

Promote Transparency

By automating the testing procedures, enable easy tracking of the fow of data without the need for human intervention, providing an enhanced level of transparency and monitoring.


A fixed-price license for the ForneyVault software can be purchased for a period of one year and allows an unlimited number of tests per month, unlimited data storage, and unlimited users.