AASHTOWare Project Hosting Services

Our cloud hosting services enable agencies to access AASHTOWare Project modules and data in a secure, cloudbased environment that eliminates the need for traditional on-premise infrastructure. AASHTOWare Project offers hosting services for new release evaluation, data migration, implementation, and production.

Hosting services are available for AASHTOWare Project web-based components only. AASHTO has contracted directly with its AASHTOWare Project contractor, Infotech, to ensure that Infotech’s hosting services meet or exceed security and industry standards. Hosting services that include client/server components can continue to be provided separately by Infotech via AASHTOWare Project Service Units.


Eliminate Infrastructure Maintenance

Agencies that choose to host their enterprise system in the cloud have no need to invest in or update a physical server infrastructure, reducing or eliminating the time and cost spent on maintenance.

Maximize Limited IT Budgets

In states with limited IT budgets and staff, technical issues can cause major delays. Cloud hosting takes the burden of infrastructure maintenance of the IT staff so they can focus on other issues. Hosting services also have the option to surge during peak usage to limit potential crashes.

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Data analysis and transfer are made easier by a secure and robust system that users can access from anywhere with internet access and the proper credentials. Easy digital access can also reduce the environmental impact of agencies that typically print out information.


The base configuration accommodates AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction, AASHTOWare Project Estimation, AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights and Labor, and AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics.

Instances included:

  • Production Instance (1 Production site)
  • Dev/Test Instance (1 Dev site and 1 Test site)
  • Additional AASHTOWare Project installation for training purposes using the Dev/Test servers as desired.
  • Additional AASHTOWare Project installation for implementation purposes using the Dev/Test servers as desired.

This option adds two additional AASHTOWare Project App/UI servers in a load balanced configuration to the production instance for an additional cost.

This option adds one additional AASHTOWare Project installation for reporting purposes using an additional AASHTOWare Project App/UI server and database. Data is programmatically refreshed with data from production daily. This configuration is suggested for agencies who have heavy reporting requirements.

The Power BI Dashboard Hosting Service is offered to assist agencies with implementing Power BI dashboard reports in the AASHTOWare Project software. Agencies can use the Power BI Dashboard Hosting Service with on- premise installations of AASHTOWare Project software or with hosting services.

The service is offered in two tiers based on anticipated load, such as the frequency of the dashboard reports being rendered, complexity of dashboard reports, how interactive the dashboard reports are, and other factors.

Tier 1
Tier 1 service provides one virtual core / 3 GB RAM. This option is recommended for agencies just getting started with embedding Power BI dashboard reports in the AASHTOWare Project software.
Tier 2
Tier 2 utilizes a node with 2 virtual cores and 5 GB of RAM. This increased capacity can handle higher loads and more complex reports, which can lead to improved performance and faster report rendering times.