AASHTOWare Project™ Marketing Update

August 29, 2022

The AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF) works together with our product contractor Infotech to produce resources for agency use throughout the year. Our goal is to provide agencies with the latest tools they need to make the most out of the AASHTOWare Project Unified Database, while also making sure the user community is informed and educated about AASHTOWare Project initiatives. Here is a summary of recent marketing activities and resources.

AASHTOWare Project Webinar Series

Recent Webinar: Estimation Best Practices: Understanding & Mitigating Cost Escalation
In this peer exchange-focused webinar, our hosts dive into how estimation can be used to understand and mitigate cost escalation. Estimation experts Jeff Hisem and Erica Daughtry cover:

  • The driving factors and industry impacts of cost escalation
  • How to manage and adjust estimation practices to deal with rising costs
  • Finding resources like the Transportation Estimators’ Association (TEA) and cost indices

You can find the recording by logging into aashtowareproject.org and navigating to Resources > Videos > Project Videos > Recent Webinar Videos.

Recent Webinar: Ensuring Equitable Fund Distribution with AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™
As an industry standard resource, AASHTOWare Project wants to help agencies stay prepared to manage everyday work within an always changing landscape. In this webinar, experts Tammy Mancinelli and Ian Baldwin dive into key functionality in AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor for tracking, reporting, and analysis of civil rights activities. You can find the recording by logging into aashtowareproject.org and navigating to Resources > Videos > Project Videos > Recent Webinar Videos.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming AASHTOWare Project release webinars, thought leadership sessions on federal funding, and more.

New Executive Overview Video on AASHTOWare Project Website
It’s easy to get comfortable with the terminology, systems and processes in AASHTOWare Project when you work with it every day. But for new employees or employees still learning about the software, it can be an overwhelming amount of information. This new video, narrated by Keith Platte, Director or AASHTOWare, covers each AASHTOWare Project module and how it fits into the comprehensive software platform. Find the new AASHTOWare Project Executive Overview by logging into aashtowareproject.org and navigating to Resources > Videos > Overview Videos > AASHTOWare Project Executive Overview.

Coming Soon: Executive Overview Resources
You may be familiar with the AASHTOWare Project product sheets, which go into detail about the benefits of functionality of each module. But what if you’re a high-level executive who doesn’t need to know the exhaustive list of module functionality, just the core benefits to the community you serve? New Executive Overview sheets are designed to be concise and provide resources needed to demonstrate how AASHTOWare Project modules help serve the all stakeholders and community. The Executive Overview sheets will be available soon via aashtowareproject.org.

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If you have any questions about the AASHTOWare Project Marketing Plan or are interested in having your agency’s story featured in a case study, please contact your Infotech Account Manager.


Janet Treadway, AASHTOWare Project – Business Administrator, Ohio Department of Transportation

Lacey Jones, Associate Vice President of Revenue, Infotech