Have you Heard about the AASHTOWare Project Implementation Forum?

November 20, 2019

For the last eight months, AASHTO has been facilitating a monthly webinar for agencies implementing AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials. To date, this forum has hosted seven different topics and up to 20 participating agencies.

The goal of the AASHTOWare Project Implementation Forum is to promote thought-sharing within the AASHTOWare Community. The format features one or two agencies sharing their experience, peer to peer, about a specific implementation topic. The topics covered thus far include: data migration; agency views; breaking down agency silos; materials acceptance; user roles and security; training; and application program interfaces or APIs.

Here is why your agency should participate in the AASHTOWare Project Implementation Forum:

  • To collaborate with other agencies during your implementation project.
  • To hear first-hand about other agencies implementation experience, i.e. best practices and lessons learned.
  • To help other agencies with their implementation projects by sharing your success.
  • To strengthen the AASHTOWare support ecosystem.

While the original intent of the forum was to focus on agencies with active implementation projects, it has expanded to any agency that is, or will be, implementing any part of AASHTOWare Project.

If you are interested in learning more about the forum, gaining access to the previous call notes and recordings, or joining the monthly web meeting, please email Keith Platte.

By: Keith Platte, AASHTOWare Associate Project Director; Tinika Fowlkes, AASHTOWare Customer Success Manager

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