License Fees and Offerings for next Fiscal Year (FY22)

February 25, 2021

This linked table outlines the licensing fees and structure for the current fiscal year (FY21), the next fiscal year (FY22), and the maximum projected licensing fee increase for the following fiscal year (FY23).

In addition to providing the license fee table, I wanted to highlight a few changes to the licensing options starting in July 2021:

  • PES/LAS is being sunset and will no longer be licensable as of July 1, 2021. If your agency anticipates using PES/LAS after this date, please contact AASHTO or your Infotech Account Manager to discuss your situation.
  • The SYNC Service for AASHTOWare Project licensing offerings are being replaced with a single offering called the AASHTOWare Project Mobile Applications License. This new license option will provide unlimited usage of all 3 AASHTOWare Project mobile applications, Infotech Mobile Inspector™, Infotech Field Interviewer™, and AASHTOWare Project Mobile Tester™, for a single license cost of $40,000. The PTF wanted to simplify the mobile application licensing and usage model. This change is intended to accomplish both.
  • AASHTOWare Project SiteManager™ – Legacy System and AASHTOWare Project FieldManager™ – Legacy System license options have been added to the catalog, each with a license cost of $0. Agencies should select one of these license options if they are in production with AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials™ but still want access to the associated legacy system to close out old projects. These new license options reflect information included in the AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials Transition Period Licensing Notification distributed in September 2020 and will allow the PTF to track legacy system usage.

Questions regarding license fees can be directed to the AASHTO Associate Project Director, Keith Platte, at 202-624-3697 or


Janet Treadway

AASHTOWare Project Task Force Chair