New Opportunities, New Role

February 25, 2021

Retirement of Monelle McKay and Liz Rodgers’ new role

The AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF) wanted to pass along some changes with the AASHTOWare Project support team from Infotech.

Monelle McKay retired from full-time employment with Infotech as of January 31, 2021, after 17 years.  Over her career of 30 years, Monelle worked with multiple DOTs both in the US and Canada.  Her experience with construction management systems actually predates AASHTOWare.

During her tenure at Infotech, Monelle filled several key leadership positions.  She led the Agency Services side of the business and played a major role during the move to the web-based platform. More recently, she was instrumental in the development of the Data Analytics SaaS offering.  In the last few years, Monelle worked closely with the PTF to help develop and execute our strategic plan.  Monelle always loved working with all the users involved in TAGs, TRTs, and the PTF.  We wish the best for her in retirement.

Liz Rodgers has accepted the position of Sr. Strategy Analyst in the AASHTOWare Products Division.  You may know Liz as the project manager for the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics effort or she may have been a project manager for a services project for your agency.

Liz brings a wealth of experience having worked directly with numerous agencies with her broad knowledge and exposure to the product.  She has great organizational skills and facilitation experience.  I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Liz on several projects and know her attention to detail and customer service.  She brings a lot to the position and we look forward to her contributions.


Janet Treadway, PTF Chair, OHDOT

Ward Zerbe, Vice President, AASHTOWare Products Division