Project Task Force Recruitment

November 19, 2020

AASHTOWare Project Task Force Recruitment


What We Do:
The AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF) provides oversight and direction for the support, maintenance, and enhancement of the AASHTOWare Project software suite.


Who We Need:
The PTF is currently seeking individuals interested in volunteering to serve on this vital product task force.  Based on the current AASHTOWare Project strategic initiatives, the ideal candidate would have some design, estimating, and/or GIS related experience.  With that said, the PTF is always willing to consider any interested candidates.


Department Benefits:

  • Influence the growth, direction, and improvement of the AASHTOWare Project product suite
  • Proactively incorporate product changes into your department’s operations
  • Acquire valuable contacts with other member departments and benefit from their experience


PTF Candidate Overview:
Good software development requires direction from users with business knowledge.  Dedication is important to make sure AASHTOWare Project meets customer expectations and remains technologically sustainable well into the future.   That’s why the PTF is asking that interested candidates must have the support of their agency management to travel and commit the time necessary to serve on the PTF prior to submitting their application.

PTF members are selected from agencies licensing AASHTOWare Project and each agency may have only one representative on the PTF at a time. Selected candidates will be eligible to serve up to two three-year terms. A list of individuals not selected for the current vacancies will be maintained for future consideration.


What Does a PTF Member do?
•             Be actively involved with AASHTOWare Project with knowledge of one or more AASHTOWare Project business areas.

  • Be actively engaged in the user community by participating on Technical Review Team (TRT)s and Technical Advisory Group (TAG)s
  • Have information technology experience supporting the AASHTOWare Project product
  • Put the best interests of all AASHTOWare Project licensees ahead of individual agency concerns


PTF Members Requirements

  • Travel 5-8 times per year; including 4 task force meetings, the Users Group conference, and other meetings/presentations from time-to-time
  • Use AASHTO-provided collaboration software
  • Participate in weekly conference calls as necessary to conduct business between meetings


All AASHTOWare‐ related travel expenses are reimbursed by AASHTO, including:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Personal car mileage
  • Rental cars
  • Taxis and shuttles


Candidate resumes should be sent to Brian Korschgen by December 4, 2020.

Brian Korschgen, Project Manager | | 202.624.8566