PTF Town Hall Discussion

November 19, 2020

PTF Town Hall: Discussion leads to new opportunities for communication and collaboration

This year has been very different in many ways but overall, the AASHTOWare Project User community has continued to meet during their regularly scheduled TAG and FPG virtual meetings. Once the PUG Board announced that the Annual PUG meeting was going to be virtual, the PTF recognized that it was also an opportunity to conduct a Town Hall to speak with as many users as possible. We recognized the fact that there would likely be participants on the call that have never been able to attend the annual meeting in person and we wanted to hear from them. We also had a vested interest in speaking with those that normally attend but the in-person networking would not happen due to the virtual platform.

The Town Hall had great attendance, and the PTF members felt that the discussions that took place were very valuable. Hearing from the end-users provides us with product insight that we are eager to receive. We look forward to continuing the open conversation and are considering holding open Town Hall sessions each spring and fall to hear directly from the users. We would welcome your feedback on this suggestion and if you have questions that you would like to discuss in the spring that you submit them to


Lisa Durbin, PE, Engineering Operations Manager, Montana Department of Transportation

Janet Treadway, AASHTOWare Project Business Administrator, Ohio Department of Transportation