PUG Chair Corner: Not your typical PUG Conference

November 19, 2019

Another year, another conference right? That’s not the case this year! The 2019 Project User Group conference changed things up compared to the past. This year, the Board surveyed the user group to gain important feedback. Sara Jarvis, our current Past Chair, led us into new territory with additional training options and implementation breakouts, while maintaining many of our traditional meeting formats. Her vision is giving us a tremendous number of new options to consider for future conferences. Almost all of the feedback the Board, the Project Task Force, and Info Tech received has been positive. In fact, many surveys declared a desire for more! With the success of this year, the bar is being raised and the Board is ready to meet that challenge. As I stated at the PUG, I’d like to again offer a big “thank you” to Sara for leading us into this new frontier.

For those who don’t know me, I am Ty Carlson from the Nebraska DOT and the 2020 Chair. At the time of this writing, feedback is still being gathered and the Board and Project Task Force are still evaluating the next steps for this year. I am confident, based on the feedback so far, that you can expect similar options for the 2020 PUG. Initial feedback is indicating a desire for more advanced training and more time for some of the implementation discussions, just to name just a few themes. As more detail becomes available, I will make sure the user community stays updated.

The 2020 Project User Group conference will be held in beautiful Boise, Idaho, at the Boise Centre September 27 through October 1, 2020. Boise is located at the heart of the western United States and is convenient from almost anywhere. The Idaho Transportation Department is excited to be your host and is looking forward to showing you some of the unique gems of the Gem State.

By: Ty Carlson, AASHTOWare Project User Group (PUG) Chair

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