Reviewing Recent Updates to the AASHTOWare Project™ Website

August 27, 2020

A little over a year ago, the AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF) launched, an all-in-one AASHTOWare Project resource site. Our goal is to continue improving based on the feedback we’ve received from our user community. Our most recent update brings increased flexibility and clarity to Call Tickets, TMRs, PUG Ballot Results, the Agency Environment Database, and more. Read below for a complete report on recent updates and let your Infotech Account Manager know if you have any questions!

Call Tickets and TMRs

We’ve provided additional flexibility to TMR/Call Ticket creation and editing.

  • Hide Urgent Priority Option
    • Users creating or editing a Call Ticket or TMR can now only select the “Critical” option from the “Priority” field in all issue tracking software, making the “Urgent” option unavailable for Support personnel and other users. TMRs marked “Urgent” that were submitted prior to this enhancement will stay marked as “Urgent” until resolved.
  • Remove Support for a TMR
    • Agencies now have the ability to remove support for a TMR when the agency no longer needs the TMR. Agency EUDs can remove support by logging into, navigating to the TMR, and clicking the “Remove Support” button

PUG Reports

PUG-related reports have been modified for increased clarity and more efficient reporting. Users can now access the following PUG reports:

Ballot Items for current PUG Ballot (CSV) Generate and export a list of all ballot items for the current PUG Ballot in CSV format.
Ballot Items with No Votes Choose any selection of ballots and see which TMRs they all share that had no votes applied to them.
Ballot Results by Year Choose a ballot and see the results for each TMR in that ballot. CSV option available.
PUG Ballot Results by Agency Choose a ballot and see the results for all TMRs in that ballot broken down by agency. CSV option available.


  • Modifications to the PUG Ballot Results Report
    • Users can now sort by filters on all report columns. Users will also now see a new “Total Number” column to the right of the existing “Total” column where they can see the total number of states that voted for a certain TMR.

Agency Environment Database

      • To gather more information regarding decommissions of AASHTOWare Project SiteManager and AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials, we’ve enhanced the Agency Environment Database to collect additional fields. New fields include:
        • Planned Replacement Production Date
          a. The date the agency is planning to begin production use of a newer system (e.g., Project Construction & Materials to replace SiteManager)
        • Planned Last Transaction Date
          a. The date the agency is planning to end active data entry in this system (e.g., approve the final payment estimate in SiteManager)
        • Planned Last Application Access Date
          a. The date the agency is planning to end historical data access using this system (e.g., data retention period using the system)

We recommend that Agency EUDs update their information in the updated Agency Environment Database by navigating to My Profile > Environments and clicking the Pen icon to edit details in the applicable production environment.

As always, we encourage agency members to keep their “Profile” section and notification preferences updated on to receive the latest relevant information on AASHTOWare Project updates. You may notice a banner when you log in to which prompts you to update your Account Details. This banner will disappear after you select “Save” after making edits to your profile page, even if you don’t change anything. If you have any questions about the recent updates, contact your Infotech Account Manager.


– Charles Groshens, PTFWebsite Subcommittee Chair, Minnesota DOT & Michael McDaniel, Website Project Manager, Infotech