Greetings User Community!

November 29, 2022

As 2022 quickly comes to a close and so much exciting work has happened, the PTF would like to thank all of you for continuing your efforts to improve AASHTOWare Project. I hope that everyone that was able to join us in person at the Project User Group (PUG) Annual meeting is still energized and using knowledge or training received in your own agency. Anyone that were not able to attend, no worries as the user community is continues to meet on a regular basis with many opportunities to get or stay engaged. In this installation you will be able to learn more about how to get involved on an Agile Enhancement Team (AET) or others, as well as a great article highlighting the first TMR delivered with this new approach. All of our articles can be accessed in links directly.

The PTF wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season and looks forward to virtually meeting with everyone at our Town Hall meeting in February.

Here’s a quick look at the articles that are included in this installment of the AASHTOWare Project Quarterly eNewsletter.

PUG Corner

AASHTOWare Project™ Marketing Update

Volunteer Spotlight: Agile Enhancement Team

AASHTOWare Project Development through Volunteerism

AASHTOWare Project™ 4.8 Release

Strategic Plan Article

Thank You to All Agencies that Funded or Co-Funded TMRs

In addition to the articles above, please take a moment to view all of the recent EUD notices delivered since our update. There have been 12 EUD notices since our previous newsletter. Documents – EUD-Notice (

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– Janet Treadway, PTF Chair, Ohio Department of Transportation